Design Thinking Bootcamp

Our Design Thinking Bootcamp teaches participants to direct potent, customer-focused innovation.

Azul Seven’s Design Thinking Bootcamp is an intensive 3-day immersion into design thinking and human-centered design processes. The 12 to 16 professionals who participate in this session will:

  • Learn a process and language that improves collaboration between team members
  • Develop effective ideation and brainstorming skills
  • Gain a cost-effective method for quickly testing strategic ideas
  • Discover practical ways to stay focused on the customer’s true needs
  • Practice rapid prototyping techniques
  • Know how to teach others to benefit from design thinking
Who Should Attend?

While any group or individual can benefit from design thinking, this session is geared towards professionals and executives who are charged with solving problems, creating products and services, or innovating for their organizations.

We strive to include a mix of attendees from businesses, non-profits, and government organizations. We can accommodate multiple individuals from the same team. Or, you can contact us about designing a separate bootcamp specific to your organization.

“Design thinking has fundamentally changed the way we work at Milestone. It’s given us a business framework to solve all kinds of challenges—from something as complex as a new product introduction to something as simple as the development of our sales meeting agenda.”

Laurie Englert, VP of Customer Experience, 
Milestone AV Technologies

About the Bootcamp

The three-day immersive format takes participants through two complete project cycles of the design-thinking process. From the start, participants are on their feet and engaged. The days are fast and fun, and everyone walks away with the theory and experience needed to bring design thinking back to his or her organization.

After a fast-paced introduction, participants are divided into interdisciplinary teams. Each team will consist of no more than six people for a single coach. And each team will take a real-world design challenge through the five modes of design thinking:

  • Empathizing with the customer/user
  • Defining the problem clearly
  • Ideating a wide solution space
  • Prototyping quickly and cheaply
  • Testing with actual users

On the last day of bootcamp, participants will explore how to bring their new skills back to their own projects and teams.

About the Location & Instruction

The Design Thinking Bootcamp is held in the lovely and relaxed design studio of Azul Seven. Located in the Northeast Arts District of Minneapolis, the studio is bordered by countless breweries and restaurants, the Mississippi River to the west, and just blocks from hundreds of loft and gallery spaces for enjoying the local art scene. Azul Seven is a short 10 minute drive from The Walker Art Center, cultural attractions on 1st Avenue, and top-notch lodging such as the Hewing and Le Meridien Chambers Hotel. Azul Seven will service healthy breakfasts and lunch each day and host a happy hour on our last day to celebrate work well done. Participants typically spend the other evenings resting and exploring Minneapolis on their own.

“Design thinking comes with an entire toolkit full of creative ways to gain empathy, collaborate, prototype and test. We no longer sit at our desks alone trying to develop the most methodical, boring PowerPoint on the planet. We belly up to a whiteboard armed with customer insights, and in a matter of hours, we’ve got ideas to dive deeper on. Embracing Design Thinking as a company is probably one of the best things we could have done for our business

Laurie Englert, VP of Customer Experience, 
Milestone AV Technologies

“I had the incredible opportunity to attend Azul Seven’s Design Bootcamp this summer and would highly recommend the training… They provide great tools for working toward design in a tangible, hands-on way, building creative confidence and standing on the proverbial table to see things from a different perspective, and of course, gaining empathy.”

Brenen Jensen, Founder & Director of Emerging Ecologies