Job Posting: Designer - Visual Design, with focus on Innovation, Service Design & Technology

By Denny Royal

June 28, 2017

Azul Seven is a design & innovation consultancy. We help clients create their next generation products, services and organization. Our key practices areas focus on digital product design, service design and customer experience. Our tools sets include human-centered design, behavior design and biomimicry.

We are looking for an exceptional visual designer (hands-on & thinking):
This role has two aspects.

1. Visual Design Hands-On (80%)

We need your visual expertise to bring to life new experiences in emerging technologies. You will use your visual design skills applied to new visual systems, storytelling, and exploring the future of user interfaces – working with Azul Seven’s design team, technologists and clients. You will bring prior work experience to each project but will use design research, UX and human-centered design strategies to create something new and impactful.

2. Research and Strategic Thinking (20%)

You are experienced enough to think through how things work at a system level, but understand that designs need to continue to evolve. You have experience doing research applied directly to new design and know how to develop prototypes for testing. You keep up on current trends in art, design, technology and society, which lead you to have a personal philosophy of what you consider ‘good design’.

What you’ll do:

Design: Collaborate with the Azul Seven design team to deliver design vision, frameworks and visuals on a broad range of projects
Research: Research and communicate findings on new technologies, trends, and events within the tech industry and culture.
Train: Coach and train clients in human-centered design and engage and inspire within the broader design community

To be successful on the team, you will need:
  • Exceptional design talent (visual and UX)
  • Communication skills to connect with teammates, partners, and clients
  • A mindset that embraces human centered design and/or biomimicry to guide your work
  • Ability to guide and inform solutions from your learnings and deep expertise
  • Passion to continuously evolve your craft, staying on top of latest trends and tools
  • Have an innate sense of curiosity
  • An impressive portfolio, with core strength in visual design
  • At least 7 years of experience delivering big, important digital product experiences and MVPs
  • Deep knowledge of design principles and methods, innovation, and ideation tools
  • Experience with design and development across multiple platforms – Web, mobile, wearables, VR and beyond
  • Strong understanding of ethnographic methodologies – research should also be a strong passion with design
  • A 4-year degree in graphic design, or a relevant field

If you are interested, please forward your resume and portfolio to

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Job Posting: Designer – Visual Design, with focus on Innovation, Service Design & Technology

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