How We Work

We draw on principles of human-centered design and biomimicry to create solutions that work for humans and for the planet.


Empathy is the ethos that leads us towards practices, products and services that work for both people and the planet. It’s about understanding people’s contexts, desires and needs. But it goes beyond that. Our commitment to empathy informs how we engage with clients, with each other, and with the world in general. Through empathy, we make better decisions, build meaningful relationships, and develop solutions that have positive impacts.


We form deep, authentic collaborations with our clients. By sharing expertise, continuously learning from one another, and solving problems as an integrated team, we arrive at better end solutions. Just as importantly, this approach often results in organizational transformation as clients discover and adopt their own human-centered perspectives. Going forward they contextualize their practices, products and services in new, more-effective ways.


Cognitively, people prefer simplicity. Yet counterintuitively, people also tend to add complexity to everything they do. By intentionally choosing to simplify interactions, processes and designs, we challenge ourselves and our clients to think critically about true needs, and how to better solve for them.

(Re)connect with Nature

Spending time in the natural world, outside of built environments, is critical to understanding connections between humans and our environment. Going outside with workshops and training, we help clients (re)connect to the natural world, to encourage an affinity and understanding of natural processes and life’s principles.

Life’s Principles

We look to the deep design lessons inherent in biology to reimagine the human-planet relationship. These ubiquitous patterns—or “Life’s Principles”—are found throughout all forms of life and suggest ways of solving problems that humans have only begun to imagine. We bring the wisdom of life’s proven strategies to our ideas about forms, systems and processes.

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