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Azul Seven applied its experience in building digital, health-and-wellness systems to develop a financial-wellness platform for young couples seeking greater stability and better financial habits.

A not-for-profit, faith-based organization asked Azul Seven to use our experience designing online wellness platforms for the healthcare industry to help them design and develop a similarly holistic platform for financial wellness. The organization’s mission is to help young families grow stronger financially so they can “live with confidence and generosity.”

After leading an initial design phase to align the organization’s thinking around a vision for the platform, a team from Azul Seven embedded with the partner’s design team and platform developers. Our designers and front-end developers worked side-by-side with the not-for-profit’s team on site and in the Azul Seven studio. This embedded approach enabled unusually close collaboration and rapid progress that overcame the organization’s difficulty in hiring enough talent to launch a viable product on a short timeline.

With experience collaborating on the development of many large web projects, Azul Seven was able to help integrate the design and front-end development with the overall Agile workflow, which included brand and SEO strategy, back-end development, and integration of third-party tools. Azul Seven also created a comprehensive design library for the platform that enabled a faster approach to development. The library included designs for the smallest units of typography and buttons up to full pages and modules, all of which could be employed as needed to scale the platform without additional design work. Rather than the typical consulting approach of working offsite and revealing segments of work at specific points in the development process, we worked daily with the organization’s team to architect, design and build with tremendous speed and flexibility.

Together with the organization, we launched a minimum viable product in just over five months. The online platform is now designed to deliver more fully on the organization’s mission to strengthen families. Knowing that finances are a point of contention for many young couples, the platform includes assessments for both finances and relationships, and offers tools for guiding important conversations about money and developing good habits of personal finance. Azul Seven’s work helped achieve a minimum viable product in the marketplace on time and with desired design features.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Process Consulting
  • User Experience
  • User Testing
  • User Interface Design
  • Front-end Development

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