We helped this innovative provider of senior housing develop a new brand strategy and more visible and centralized online presence to lead discussions around aging for B2B and B2C audiences.

Ecumen offers a range of innovative services in senior housing, from operating its own housing communities and in-home care to building development, clinical consultation and housing management for other organizations. No matter the offering, Ecumen’s goal is consistent: to change the conversation around aging.

Azul Seven was asked to help Ecumen strengthen its digital presence. Our approach shifted Ecumen’s focus from a website issue to thinking in terms of an entire digital platform. In order to bring the conversation around aging to a community level and equally to B2B and B2C audiences, we developed a strategy that would offer unique experiences for each. By understanding the information that each audience finds most interesting and making it easy to find, Ecumen could create more relevant digital experiences that fully reflect their offline presence.

Our platform approach included two central Ecumen websites and individual housing community sites. We split the B2B and B2C focuses into two separate domains with content specific to each audience. To better connect Ecumen on a community level, we also developed a tool that generates websites for each housing location. Now each property has an individual digital presence that coheres to the overall brand.

With this more targeted approach, we created a content strategy that takes better advantage of SEO and SEM strategies and analytics to build awareness on local, regional and national levels. With new, audience-specific content for the separate sites, including separate blogs, Ecumen can continue to create highly relevant experiences for all visitors, no matter their interest. Azul Seven continues to work with Ecumen, monitoring data and making informed decisions about presenting content that is most important to each constituency.

With the platform developed, Ecumen could then shift attention to its brand issues, knowing it had the tools in place to support changes. Prior to our collaboration, every local Ecumen community operated under a unique name, completely unrelated to each other or the Ecumen brand. In order to unify the organization and solidify its web presence, we recommended a new campus-style naming strategy. The new strategy incorporated Ecumen into each existing name and reinforces Ecumen’s brand recognition, professionalism and leadership in the market.

The overall strategy continues to help increase brand awareness. New media opportunities, such as contributing regular content on aging to Minneapolis’ Star Tribune, are helping Ecumen change the conversation around aging even further.

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