We designed a role-based visual interface that combines data from utilities’ open APIs allowing building owners to manage and reduce energy usage and costs.

EnergyPrint’s Software as a Service (SaaS) product helps property owners compare and manage facility energy use and costs and encourages energy conservation. When the EnergyPrint team came to Azul Seven, the product was still just a concept in need of execution. The Azul Seven team was asked to help design, develop and market the new product.

The strength of EnergyPrint is its ability to aggregate energy use data from published utility data streams. It lets users compare average energy use based on factors like geographical location, building age and construction, and compare how different maintenance crews are saving energy. Our challenge lay in how to present the information in an easy to understand interface. The Azul Seven UX team worked with EnergyPrint to prioritize the importance of information and the design team used data visualization techniques to present that data in easily readable charts and infographics. We also developed user permissions to give property owners control over their employee access.

Once the product was designed and developed, EnergyPrint also needed a marketing website to generate sales leads. Azul Seven designed a site that complements the simple data communication style of the product and clearly communicates the functionality and benefits of the software to potential customers.

To implement the final product and site designs, Azul Seven worked with EnergyPrint’s back-end programming team. Following AGILE methodology, we built the multi-tiered interface through close collaboration and continuous testing and refining to identify and solve challenges early in the process.

  • Digital Business Strategy
User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Front-End Development

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