FOAT Design

This eco-conscious fashion label came to us in need of a new brand strategy,visual identity system and website to better unify their expanding fashion line and e-commerce experience.

Foat is an eco-conscious fashion label designed by twin sisters Zoe and Kaja Foat. The line has expanded from its start in yoga wear to include one-of-a-kind couture garments and wedding gowns. As the company grew, the brand and its visual presentation felt less cohesive and no longer representative of the designers’ aesthetic. Foat came to Azul Seven in need of a new brand strategy and visual identity system to better reflect and unify the expanding fashion line.

To start our engagement, Azul Seven led Zoe and Kaja through collaborative working sessions to explore the foundational elements that underly their brand, design philosophies and aesthetic. Using those insights we developed a brand platform to help guide the Foat team in the future and unify their many collections.

Once the brand strategy was established, the Azul Seven design team created a new logo, which then influenced the redesign of the identity system. The mark, a double-sided portrait silhouette, was inspired by the twin designers and helped establish the brand’s story. It was stylized in a way that felt fresh and modern, and created an organic shape that acknowledge’s Foat’s eco-conscious approach to fashion.

The new logo provided guidance for the design of the rest of the identity system. The system included a fresh, warm color palette, natural textures and crisp, modern typefaces. As a whole, the system visually embodies all the characteristics of Foat that were established in the brand strategy. The new identity was applied to print collateral, as well as to the design of a new ecommerce website with retail and wholesale experiences.


For the new Foat ecommerce website, our team simplified the shopping experience for all guests, while also creating new wholesale-specific ordering capabilities. The site was built responsively, so customers can easily access the shop or their account information anytime, from anywhere. To continue the visual expression of the new brand, the site now immerses users in the Foat story and immediately gives a sense of the brand from the very first visit.

  • Research
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Front-End Development

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