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Azul Seven designed a new health and wellness platform incorporating best practices of behavior design to encourage engagement for this population health management company.

HealthFitness Corporation is a health management company working to improve the health of employee populations around the world via technology platforms, gyms and coaching. One of the big challenges they faced was modernizing their online experience. As a result, they turned to Azul Seven for innovation consulting on several new products and services.

One of HealthFitness’ primary channels for assessments, program management, coaching delivery and employee engagement is an online platform for both employers and their employees. As the delivery of health and wellness programs evolved over time, the company’s original web portal technology struggled to keep up. Azul Seven’s first task was to help HealthFitness design and build a new, industry-leading wellness platform. Starting from scratch with a human-centered perspective allowed us to better address user needs and incorporate leading behavior change mechanisms, principles of behavioral economics and gamification, and create deeper social circles amongst peers and mentors. Together with HealthFitness, we re-imagined what was possible for online coaching programs, health assessments, behavior tracking, incentives, program-leader participation, and more. Following our standard design practice, we focused intently on user needs and on simplifying user experiences with only the most relevant features and functionality.

Radical collaboration is a foundation of design thinking, and it was the hallmark of our work with HealthFitness. Over several years we expanded the scope of our work together, designing a holistic approach to wellness programming that included desktop, mobile and offline experiences. Our partnership was built on mutual teaching and the exchange of ideas in designing products and services that were equal parts desirable, feasible and viable. Our teams worked hand-in-hand through all stages of the design process, from shared research and user knowledge, to wireframe working sessions, final development iterations and realization of the product vision.

The tangible result of our work with HealthFitness is a robust program that’s in tune with the needs of the organization’s clients, health consultants and resellers. But just as importantly, we helped HealthFitness redefine its approach to products, service delivery, behavior change and the interrelation of experiences across touchpoints. Team leaders within HealthFitness now use human-centered design practices to approach problem-solving from the user perspective first, with a focus on simplicity and usability.

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