This population health management company needed a new website and a viable search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to match their evolving philosophies and expanding offerings.

HealthFitness Corporation is a health management company working to improve the health of employee populations around the world. In recent years the organization has seen substantial growth in clientele and products. To match their evolving philosophies and expanding offerings, HealthFitness asked Azul Seven to design a new website that better reflects the company today. Along with a more engaging user experience on the site, HealthFitness also wanted help increasing its visibility with a search engine optimization strategy.

To create a better user experience we followed a goals-based design approach. Our first task was to define primary and secondary users and prioritize their information needs. Working from those user goals we performed keyword research and developed a content strategy to differentiate HealthFitness’ approach and offerings, and surface the most relevant content for users. Clear paths were developed to guide each user group through the site efficiently and intuitively. We created a component-based architecture so in the future HealthFitness will be able to easily manage and interchange site elements to fit evolving content development and user needs.

The keyword research performed by Azul Seven not only helped guide initial content strategy and architecture, but is also being used in ongoing content creation by HealthFitness to improve search engine optimization. The organization offers a rich variety of blog articles, newsletters and publications, so by expanding the use of targeted keywords HealthFitness will continue to strengthen its search ranking and gain new readers from each of its primary audience groups.

  • Research
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Behavior-Change Strategy
  • User Experience Design
User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Front-End Development

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