StayWell Health Management

Following an acquisition and changes in leadership, this health engagement company wanted to redefine its brand strategy and redesign an employee-portal offering to align with their evolving behavior-change methodology.

StayWell Health Management works with companies around the U.S. to inspire and motivate their employee populations to lead a healthy lifestyle. StayWell’s innovations in products and services improve employee engagement to build more productive workforces and reduce health care costs for employers. With an acquisition and changes in leadership, StayWell asked Azul Seven to help redefine the overall brand strategy and improve the customer experience of the online participant portal.

The process started with immersion in the StayWell culture. Through ethnographic research, interview sessions and group discussions, we tapped the insights of stakeholders across the company at many different levels. With our human-centered approach our ultimate goal was to help StayWell bring a consumer focus to decisions and interactions throughout their organization. Azul Seven updated the StayWell brand platform to unite the expanded business model under one strategy and guide the consumer experience across touch points.

To support the strategy work, Azul Seven continued work with StayWell to design a new participant portal, the digital environment where participants manage their personal health, wellness and disease management programs. Building on the earlier research findings, we expanded our information gathering to identify decision-making models and participant needs. Our team evaluated the existing portal and held co-creation workshops to initiate idea exchange. We also explored psychological and social influences of behavior change and looked at the effect of behavior change models and gamification in the healthcare industry today.

Overall our experience with StayWell proved that behavior change begins with culture change. Creating a helpful and meaningful participant experience begins with people, processes and the right tools. We worked through each of these key pillars to create a consumer-centric vision for the future in the brand and participant experience.

  • Research
  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Behavior-Change Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Graphic Design
Prototyping & Testing
  • Front-End Development

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