9 Simple Ways Front-End Developers Can Hand Off Better Code

By Robert Broneak

June 28, 2017

In digital product development, the ideal situation is for a single team to conceive, design and develop from start to finish. However, this generally doesn’t happen. Project pieces are often created in different locations by different groups of designers and developers.

The reality of digital product creation makes it especially important to understand best practices for delivering code. Without predetermined processes, procedures and best practices, developing and handing off code to another developer team can be a lot like tucking a recipe into a bottle, throwing it in the ocean, and expecting someone to appear with a tasty meal ready to eat. The goal of this article is to present some simple best practices to guide front-end developers who need to write and hand off code to other development teams. The steps presented will help teams minimize confusion and streamline integration.

Article author, Bobby Broneak is lead developer with Azul Seven. He is experienced in developing, defining and implementing processes for managing both front-end code development and delivery to create effective digital products. He’s worked with teams all over the world as a partner in developing front-end code for integration by backend developer teams with server code and CMSs, CRM, APIs, etc.

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