Design Thinking and Behavior Design: Readings and Resources

By Lisa Helminiak

April 2, 2016

Design thinking, what’s that? Your crash course starts here.

Azul Seven, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s College of Design, founded the d.t. collective a year ago to further innovation through the practice of human centered design and design thinking. Our goal is to meet with other design thinking practitioners to learn from each other, share best practices, and uncover resources.

One of the great things to come from our meet ups has been a growing list of books, videos, articles and publications on human-centered design that we have found to be the core to learning methods and framework surrounding design thinking.

We thought we’d share the list and solicit feedback on other resources you might know and find useful. The University of Minnesota is putting together a library of these resources, so your input can help them source the best materials. Many of these are on the Stanford list, but we’ve added others we can’t live without. Let us know what you find useful. Please email hello@ with any further suggestions.

Thanks for your input!

Innovation Process
Design In Your Company
Managing Innovation
Behavior Design
Creative Space
Design in Education
Service Design

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