Join us for Azul Seven’s Twin Cities Startup Week Event with U.S. Bank

By Lisa Helminiak

October 4, 2018

No Silver Bullet: How A Magical Mix of Design Methods Helps U.S. Bank Create the Future 
October 11, 2018, 9:00 – 10:00 (CST)
Azul Seven’s Studio


Yesterday it was design thinking. Today it’s lean startup. Tomorrow it’s agile.

We are all infected with methodology madness, latching on to the latest method-du-jour and trying to ride it into the perfect sunset of fame, fortune, and glory.

Spoiler alert: That perfect sunset doesn’t exist and rarely are the conditions so pure that any project can truly realize an emerging methodology in its truest form.

But that’s life. And that’s OK. And actually, an impure mix of methods can turn out to be magical. Join the U.S. Bank Innovation Team for a case study in how it uses a magical mix of design and innovation methods to help it create the future of financial services.



Stephanie Hammes-Betti
U.S. Bank | SVP, Innovation Design

Stephanie Hammes-Betti is Senior Vice President of Innovation Design for the U.S. Bank Innovation Team. Her team of Innovation practitioners play a lead role in exploring the “fuzzy front-end” of Innovation, providing thought leadership on emerging trends, managing the U.S. Bank Innovation Community, and running the Innovator-in-Residence program. They are also responsible for the development and execution of Innovation engagement programs to promote and grow Innovation talent within the company.

Seijen Takamura
U.S. Bank | Design Lead

Seijen loves helping humans and believes the needs of people lie at the core of every truly innovative idea. He revels in the opportunity to uncover those human needs and steward them towards the creation of products, services, and stories. Currently he is a Design Lead at U.S. Bank where he uses design to explore and validate early stage ideas for new businesses. Prior to his current role, Seijen spent time in innovation and design research roles at Target, Startup Weekend (now Techstars), and SapientNitro.

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