A human-centered process puts people’s real needs at the center of everything we design.

It results in products, experiences and services that drive new opportunities and growth for our clients. Discovering the big, differentiating ideas is the fun part. Integrating those ideas into successful designs requires meticulous attention to detail. We’re good at both.

Our designers bring diverse skills to bear in creating meaningful experiences with both function and beauty. They combine the analytical and the intuitive to help clients give true value to customers and arrive at positions of strategic advantage.

  • User Experience Design

    It’s not enough to make a thing beautiful or usable. It must be useful, too. That means creating the optimal user experience—the smoothest way to move a user through a customer journey, device to device, or channel to channel.

    At Azul Seven, we design digital products from desktop to mobile, and we understand that applications often live in complicated digital ecosystems. We weigh desirability, feasibility and viability to create digital products that are effective and enjoyable. And we quickly confirm results through prototyping, testing and iteration.

  • Service Design

    One misstep in service delivery can have greater impact than five satisfactory steps.

    Similarly, one exceptional step can have a huge influence on a customer’s overall perception. That’s why understanding customer expectations at every phase of the service journey is critically important.

    By comprehensively mapping customer journeys and expectations and working closely with client teams, we give ourselves the opportunity to design satisfaction or delight at every touchpoint.

  • Digital Product Design

    Digital product design requires equal attention to micro and macro details.

    For an enterprise-level platform, or a simple mobile app, successful product designs must consider the larger service or life context in which a user is engaged. They must also account for how a change to one component causes ripples across an entire system.

    Just as importantly, exceptional digital product designs employ subtle micro-interactions to give users intuitive feedback and orientation. Our multidisciplinary team has the experience and ability to bring it all together.

  • Visual

    When beauty is added to function, it creates a powerful human attraction. While it’s true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” we know a lot about what beholders like.

    At Azul Seven, we practice a clean aesthetic. In all of our visual work, from identity to interface design, we consider and question every detail for clarity. It’s a process we’ve built collectively over the years from numerous visual design methodologies.

  • Design Sprints

    Five days is all that’s required to take a major innovation leap.

    New product or feature? New business? Or maybe an old problem? Design sprints can be applied effectively to nearly any challenge.

    With a clearly defined objective and pre-loaded insight, we can apply design thinking in intensive and practiced bursts to quickly push past barriers. Clients benefit from an efficient way to test a hypothesis, settle endless debates, develop a prototype or establish a roadmap and gain momentum.

  • Expertise
    • user experience design
    • user interface design
    • service design
    • interaction design
    • content strategy
    • graphic design
    • prototyping
    • design research
    • front-end development

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