It’s not the kind of research that’s pulled off the shelf, but true insight about your customers, stakeholders and partners.

The human-centered design process gathers this kind of insight at every phase of a project. It allows us to continually make course corrections—iterations—to arrive at your destination.

“Human centered” means observing people’s lives and behaviors to understand where the opportunities lie to have meaningful impact with the experiences we design.

  • Experience Insight

    It’s imperative to understand what’s happening on the ground within an experience.

    Whether face to face in a retail environment, online, or in an emergency room, we need to know what people need and how they are feeling from moment to moment to design successful experiences.

    Azul Seven gather insights from the beginning to end of an internal or brand experience to understand where systems break down and where they work. Rapid prototyping and testing allows for continual feedback and the refinement of higher fidelity experiences and holistic solutions.

  • Product Insight

    From observation to conceptualization to usability testing, a human-centered approach to product design gathers answers to the questions at hand.

    What do people say they need? Is it different from what they really need? And what will they do with it once they have it?

    Through stakeholder interviews, environmental observations, or other research methodologies, we uncover the insights that are applicable to the immediate design phase.

  • Customer Insight

    The market is changing, and customers are changing. Reliable insight allows organizations to follow their customers’ needs and stay relevant in their industries.

    Our research methodologies track your position in the market on a regular basis. Monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, we can show you what’s evolving in your product or service ecosystem so you can prioritize updates and stay in tune with your customers.

  • Stakeholder Insight

    Stakeholder alignment is a tricky thing, especially within an organization.

    Around the table, people often say or think they’re in agreement about a product, service or initiative. But one-on-one interviews reveal vastly different attitudes and opinions about service alignment.

    Azul Seven delivers stakeholder insight as a gap analysis to reveal where better channel alignment, communities and processes can pave the way to shared outcomes.

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