Successful professionals, teams and organizations change with the times. Staying relevant, let alone thriving, requires new knowledge and capabilities. On-site and in our Minneapolis design studio, we conduct training in three valuable areas that can fundamentally improve the way you work.

  • Design Thinking

    Improved teamwork, problem-solving, responsiveness and a cost-saving competitive advantage. That’s what’s available when you introduce design thinking to an organization.

    We conduct multi-day, hands-on trainings for innovation-focused professionals to:

    • Discover practical ways to stay focused on customers’ true needs
    • Develop effective ideation and brainstorming skills
    • Gain a cost-effective method for quickly testing strategic ideas
    • Practice rapid prototyping techniques
    • Learn a process and language that improves collaboration between team members
  • Biomimicry for Innovation

    Where do "new" ideas come from? These days they are often adaptations of forms, processes and systems found in nature. Biomimicry is a way for innovation teams to discover inspiration in the world around them and transform it into life-friendly solutions.

    Our half- and full-day biomimicry workshops are hands-on trainings to:

    • Introduce leadership or innovation teams to the potential of biomimicry
    • Explain the process for finding relevant biological intelligence
    • Outline the set of valuable design lessons known as Life’s Principles
    • Demonstrate the scoping process for beginning biomimicry work
  • Brand Exploration

    A strong brand is a key that opens many doors. But building and maintaining a brand isn’t easy, because it’s much more than just a logo or clever advertising. A brand is the totality of who you are, and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s also the way you are perceived by others. And if those perspectives aren’t aligned, it means trouble.

    Our brand exploration workshops are designed for any professional or team to:

    • Discover the tangible benefits of a strong brand
    • Uncover the key elements of your own brand platform
    • Create alignment between logical and emotional brand concepts
    • Learn to build brand trust with customers and partners

“The team at Azul Seven are pros when it comes not only to the user-centered approach to design but also to group facilitation, which made this workshop both challenging and a lot of fun. I've learned a lot from them in three short days and have already started to apply parts of the process to my projects.”

Erin Rovalo, Senior Principal

Design Biomimicry 3.8 and Adjunct Faculty ASU

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